The Value in Health Economics and Policy group is interdisciplinary, cross-faculty, multi-institutional and stakeholder driven. This allows us to effectively and collaboratively research a range of topics with the shared purpose of adding value to people’s health and healthcare systems. As a diverse group our output related to improving health outcomes and efficiency in policy are varied, however they fall broadly into four categories:


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About us

We are a group of researchers, consultants, practitioners and industry leaders based at the University of Newcastle, focusing on issues related to decision-making, financing and policy-making in healthcare. In order to create value across the whole system, we need people researching and practicing across many different levels. Therefore, our team not only includes classical (health) economic experts, but also experts from public and allied health, social science, psychology, finance, statistics and more. Our members include staff and students across all faculties of the University and we welcome new members from all faculties and schools. Our membership is also not exclusive to the University of Newcastle and we have both local and global members from other Universities, research institutions and industries. See our members here.

What we do

Research and Practice

As a group we identify inefficiencies within the current healthcare system, by examining the literature and coordinating with healthcare stakeholders, to provide sustainable, value-based assessments of health interventions and policies. We investigate not only the costs and benefits, but also the decision-making processes of all involved; including healthcare practitioners, patients and policy makers. This stakeholder engagement is facilitated through the organisation and development of workshops, seminars, and educational programmes for both students and external stakeholders, such as members from our local and nearby health districts. These programmes occur in conjunction with group driven research projects to improve our understanding of health related issues and policy implementation.

In addition to workshops and seminars aimed at external stakeholders, we pride ourselves on our higher degree programs conducted through the university. VheP, in collaboration with our advisory board, has been instrumental in developing the new suite of Health Economics, Management and Policy degrees, which opened for students in 2021. These programs provide students with a sound foundational knowledge as well as current, real world and innovative information so they can become the next leaders in health economics, management and policy and leave a lasting impact. We also offer a discounted short course through the University of Newcastle, the Graduate Certificate in Health Economics, Management and Policy. This certificate suits both current and future health service professionals and can be completed in a little as half a year of full-time study. It can be used as a direct pathway into our Masters programs. Since February 2022, our programs are accredited with the Australasian College of Health Service Management.

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Covid-19 Research

VheP has been contributing to the worldwide research efforts to track and understand the Covid-19 disease and the associated policy and behavioural responses across numerous countries, with a view to provide guidance to governments, businesses and the broad community. We are now proud to present two COVID-19 special issues for the Elsevier journal Health Policy and Technology. These issues include a series of general papers about COVID-19 as well as specific case studies covering the pandemic response in over 25 different countries. These issues were made possible by an incredible international collaborative effort: 80+ researchers representing more than 50 different institutions. To read more about the articles, click here for our 2020 issue and click here for our 2022 issue.

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