Projects and Grants

The Value in Health Economics and Policy group have a variety of projects underway, many funded and some in development. For more information and to express your interest in being involved in these projects please see the contact information below.

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The VheP COVID-19 Vaccine Preferences Project

2022 HDR Student Support Allocation Funding, School of Medicine and Public Health (University of Newcastle)
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Improving the Well-Being of Patients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure: A Randomised Controlled Trial

2021 Mental Health & Heart Disease Strategic Grant, The Heart Foundation
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The Australian Workplace Index

2021, Research Support Package, University of Newcastle
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Global Alliance for Chronic Disease (GACD) project: community informed intervention to increase cervical screening in Eswaniti

2021, NHMRC
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Facilitators and barriers to the use of telehealth in HNEHealth: developing an evidence-based model of telehealth implementation in mental health and drug and alcohol services.

2021, HMRI Funding
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Investigating the effects of COVID-19 policy on population and society

graphic of patients and doctors

Private health insurance economics and actuarial studies for Lifetime Health Cover and risk equalisation

2021, Partnership with Finity Consulting
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A practice change intervention to increase the routine provision of care addressing gestational weight gain: a stepped-wedge trial

2020, NHMRC partnership
Dentist holding teeth

Child Dental Benefit Policies and the Health of Australian Children

2020, ARC
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Articulating Value in Housing Cooperatives

2020, ARC Linkage
Group of young adults sitting together

Regional youth in precarious times: Work, wellbeing and debt

2020, Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle, Australia
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Health Technology Assessment, Research Support and Other Services Panel

2020,Department of Health
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Research Funding for Treatment of alcohol dependence with an mTOR inhibitor (TAMI) Study

2020, Hunter New England Local Health District
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Pandemic Tourism Perceptions

2020,  Faculty of Business and Law, University of Newcastle
surgeons standing around operating table

The PRETEND Trial: A mixed methods study evaluating Preferences, feasibility, and costs of performing sham surgery Trials involving major surgical procedures

2019, NHMRC
Newborn baby crying

The Effects of Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Intervention on Academic Outcomes in Children with Hearing Loss

2019, NUW Alliance
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Comparative Analysis of Supply Chain Agility for Disaster Response

2019, Faculty of Business and Law University of Newcastle
Elderly man getting an injection

University of Bologna and University of Newcastle. Comparative health systems analysis of chronic disease management programs

2019, Faculty of Business & Law, The University of Newcastle

Aston University and University of Newcastle. Social Health Insurance and Tax-Financed Health Systems comparison in OECD countries

2019, Faculty of Business & Law, The University of Newcastle
Woman and two man working on engineering project

Gender Equality in the Medical Technology Industry

2019, Medical Technology Association of Australia
Woman selling fruit in Market in Africa

Economic Development, Health and Nutrition for Sustainable Development

2019, Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN)
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Cross-cultural country comparison of health policy, implementation and effectiveness: The United Kingdom versus Australia

2019,  Faculty of Business and Law, University of Newcastle, Australia
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Repurposing of carbamazepine for treatment of skeletal dysplasia

22017, European Commission, European Union
Cells under a microscope

ORTHOUNION: Cell based clinical research for bone regeneration

2017, European Commission, European Union
Child with cancer in hospital bed smiling

Patients First: the Continuous Improvement in Care - Cancer (The CIC Cancer Project)

2017, Cancer Research Trust
Group of people in Africa

A Systematic Review of Humanitarian Logistics Models for Medical and Healthcare products in Humanitarian Emergencies in Africa

2017, Brown University
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Provision of external evaluation of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and health technology related submissions

2016, Department of Health